Terms & Conditions

This Site/ Application/ Services is/are operated /provided by Tectel Infoway Private Limited.

These terms and conditions (“User Terms”) apply to Your visit to and use, of the Site whether through a computer or a mobile phone, the Service and the Application, as well as to all information, recommendations and or services provided to You on or through the Site, the Service and the Application. This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules thereunder as applicable and the provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THESE USER TERMS BEFORE YOU USE THE SITE. If You do not accept any of the User Terms, then please do not use the Site or avail any of the services being provided therein. YOUR AGREEMENT TO THESE USER TERMS SHALL OPERATE AS A BINDING AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND TECTEL INFOWAY PRIVATE LIMITED IN RESPECT OF THE USE AND SERVICES OF THE SITE.


The user must read the Tectel privacy policy before using the Tectel services. By using the services of Tectel, the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions and represents that he/she is above 16 years of age. Tectel reserves the right to disallow the user from using its services at any time without prior notice, if the user does not agree to the terms and conditions of its use. Before using the services, the user must ensure that he/she is legally capable of entering into a contract with Tectel and incurs no disqualification under any laws in force.

The terms ‘Tectel’ 'we', 'us' and 'our' refers to the Company and its affiliates and assignees and the term 'you' refers to person/ persons using the services of the company, visiting the App, Website or any other medium operated and/or controlled by the company and/or availing/procuring products/services on these mediums. Words denoting singular in these T&Cs means plural and vice versa. Words denoting one gender means any applicable gender.


Contents and Privacy

The user retains his/her ownership to the information uploaded by the user by accessing the Tectel website and its services, except those rights which are needed to keep the services of Tectel active and/or for hosting user files, sharing of information, technical administration, backup of data etc. The user by accepting the terms and conditions gives permission to use such limited rights with regard to trusted third party websites with whom Tectel works to provide its services.

The Tectel privacy policy explains the collection, storage and use of user information which includes videos, audios, photos and other files and sharing of content with authorities for lawful compliances. For more details, users may read the Tectel privacy policy.

Tectel does not monitor the contents including files, folders, photos, audios, videos, shared by the user on the Tectel website for their accuracy, legal compliances etc. and the users must themselves ensure that they comply with the accuracy and other legal requirements. Tectel reserves the right to monitor any information and to remove any obscene, pornographic or objectionable content of whatsoever nature at any time without any prior notice to the user. Tectel takes no responsibility for any activity of the user as to their files, folders and other information.


Software Updates

While using Tectel services, the user may require to install software/'s, for which, a limited, non exclusive, non transferable, revocable license will be granted to the user. Such license shall be automatically revoked on violation of the terms of use and on installation of any malware. The mere use of such software does not confer any right, title or interest on the user in respect of Tectel services, software or the content.


Protection of intellectual property rights

Tectel reserves all rights which are hereby not expressly granted to the user. The user acknowledges that all the software's, copyrighted material, brand names, logos, trademarks and service marks of Tectel are the intellectual property of Tectel Infoway Pvt. Ltd. and the use of Tectel services does not grant the user any right, title or interest in such property. The breach of such intellectual property rights of Tectel by user shall be deemed to be material breach and the user will be liable to pay damages in the Court of Law.

Infringement of Intellectual property rights

Tectel respects the intellectual property rights of others. The user must ensure that all the files, data or information, which the user may be sharing, copying, uploading and downloading does not infringe the rights of others. Tectel shall immediately delete or erase any such information on receiving any notice of infringement from any third party or from the law enforcement authorities, without any prior notice or intimation to the user. Tectel accepts no responsibility or liability for any copyright or trademark or patent infringement or violation of any such other rights due to sharing, copying, uploading and downloading of infringing files, folders or other infringing material. Any complaint regarding such infringement may be sent to support@tectelinfoway.com


Third party services

Tectel may use third party services, softwares, applications to provide its services more effectively and make them user friendly, however, Tectel does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and availability of such third party services and applications. The user shall be using such third party services at the his/her discretion and risk and if Tectel uses any open source softwares, provisions of such open source softwares will be applicable.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

All sales through service charges are final and there will be no refund or exchange permitted. Please be advised that You are responsible for the service you purchase and all charges that result from those purchases.

However, in a case where a transaction has been completed by you through Netbanking or Other Modes of Online Payment, and money has been charged to your card or bank account but Service was not delivered within mutually agreed period, then you may inform us by sending us an email on support@tectelinfoway.com. In such a scenario you will be entitled to a full refund. We request you to include in the email the following details - Transaction Value, Transaction date & Reference Number, Tectel shall investigate the incident and if it is found that money was indeed charged to your card or bank account without delivery of the Service then you will be refunded the money within 21 working days from the date of the receipt of your email.


Termination of services

Tectel reserves the right to terminate the services, with or without notice, if the user does not comply with the terms of use or on Tectel receiving any lawful orders from the authorities. In case of termination, Tectel may assist the user to recover the data or information of the user, but it is not bound to do so.

After termination of services, Tectel has every right to repossess router or any other hardware installed at the place where the link is commissioned or service is provided.


"AS-IS" basis

Although Tectel strives to provide the best of its services, its services are available on "AS-IS" basis. Tectel does not undertake any warranty or guarantee in respect of its services. Tectel will not be responsible for any injury to the user and user's devices or the loss of the user's data for the use of tectel Services.

Changes to terms of use

Tectel may change the terms and conditions of use from time to time and such any such change will be uploaded on our website. By using and accessing the Tectel website, the user agrees to be bound by all such terms and conditions. The user may withdraw his/her consent to the terms of use, by ceasing to use the services of Tectel.


Governing law and jurisdiction

The terms of use of Tectel services and software will be governed by the laws of India. All disputes relating to the use of Tectel services are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai.


These terms supersede any former terms and conditions of the use of Tectel services and do not create any third party beneficiary rights. The rights of the user in respect of the use of Tectel services are non-transferable and not assignable, however Tectel reserves the right to assign or transfer its rights to its lawful assignee or affiliates or successors. If any of the provisions of these terms and conditions is not enforceable, then such part of the terms and conditions which are enforceable shall remain in full force and effect, however, Tectel shall not be considered to have waived up any rights not expressly mentioned in these terms.